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The patron saint of the school is St. Catherine of Sienna. Her feast day is on the 29'h of April. This is celebrated as St. Karen's Day. Mr. and Mrs. D.P. Galstaun founded St. Karen's Secondary School in 1990. It derived its name from the novel KAREN, written by Marie Lyons Killilea. 'KAREN' is the inspiring true story of a little girl who triumphed over disaster and the delightful family who made her triumph possible. Imbued with the same spirit of sacrifice, love, devotion and care for children, St. Karen's was established. St. Karen's Secondary School is a minority Anglo-Indian Christian institution, by reason of both religion and language. The school had been established in 1990 by the St. Karen's Anglo-Indian Educational Society of Patna, which is a registered body. This Society was established solely for the educational and cultural development primarily of Anglo-Indian Christian children seeking the same and admitting inter-alia such other children irrespective of caste, creed, location, language, sex or religion as are desirous of receiving education in St. Karen's Secondary School.